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An invite-only community for students and recent grads working in tech. Gain access to dozens of free events, resources, workshops, and a helpful community.

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Our members have worked and interned for some of the most innovative companies in the world

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Together we can help eachother

Join our Slack community and get connect with other early career-ers, network and meet others through our virtual events, and learn improve life skills from our free resources.

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What does membership include

Weekly Workhops

Join a weekly workshop to learn about job search strategies and the basics of digital skills that can improve your resume.


We've produced mini-courses that you can go through on your own time about building your own mentorship network, interviewing, and more.

Template Resumes, Cover Letters, and Emails

Starting from scratch is difficult. We've put together battle-tested documents to improve your chances.

Library of recorded lessons

No worries if you miss a workshop - we record everything so you can see all of the lessons we've ever recorded.

Open Office Hours

Have a specific question or want advice on an upcoming interview? We host office hours just for that!

Career Community

Connect with other job seekers, share helpful resources, and get notified of new Careero initiatives.

Upcoming career workshops

The 7 Pillar Behavioral Interview Questions

How to cold email recruiters

Tech intern panels

Optimizing your LinkedIn profile

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Upcoming skill workshops

What is product management?

What developers should know about UX design

How to build an app website

Digital Marketing for non-marketers

We'll help you pursue a career in...

UX Design

Business Development/Sales

Digital Marketing

Product Management

Operations + Strategy

Data Analytics

Software Engineering

HR + Talent


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